e2s Strategies is a woman-owned boutique consulting firm with the principal office located in the

Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas metroplex.

We work with small businesses and business owners, medium to large organizations, and Executive Leadership teams in the private and public sectors.

Our client engagements include addressing organizational challenges and mitigating risk. We also work with companies for ongoing development and growth plans for leadership teams and their direct reports.

Our consultants are trusted advisors with advanced degrees and years of expertise in our three

core focus areas that impact organizations large or small: Organizational Leadership, Business

Strategy, Human Capital Management/Human Resources.





When a company starts to see a breakdown within the organization, leadership, department, or

teams, most times it can be traced back to one of these three areas or a combination of all three

core areas.

We are an entrepreneurial firm whose experience expands beyond Human Resources. Our

consultants are experts through specialized training and experience in Neuroscience,

Organizational Leadership, Organizational Development, Change Management, Human Capital

Management, Industrial Psychology, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Business Management, and Human Resources. Because of our professional expertise, our team has the ability to create

customized solutions to your unique needs.

We collaborate with Executive Leadership, Management teams, and HR departments to develop

world-class industry-specific solutions. We create TRANSFORMATION THAT LASTS. The greatest transformation happens when behaviors change.

What does all of this mean?  We don't bring an HR Department to an HR Department we collaborate with HR Departments creating transformational outcomes, we partner with leadership teams, we build high-performance teams, and we help leaders make critical business decisions.  


e2s Strategies brings specialized industry knowledge and experience to create solutions specific to the challenges and in the attainment of organizational goals.  


e2s Strategies believes that relationships are the lifeblood to any successful engagement.   We are a client-focused, outcome-driven and solution-focused firm inspired and driven by transformational outcomes, client satisfaction, long-standing relationships, creativity, people, digital technologies, and innovation.