• Rukiya Robinson

Coaching, Consulting, or Mentor: Finding the best solution for you and your organization

Working with a skilled and experienced Coach, Consultant, Advisor, and Mentor can reap huge benefits.  To maximize these benefits, you must understand your current reality and decide where you, your leadership team, direct reports, or organization desire to be so that you can experience the greatest transformation. 

It is easy to blur the roles of the Coach, Consultant, and Mentor. We know the distinct differences between coaching and consulting and hope you find that the following paragraphs provide clarity on the role and benefits of each.


Coaches help their clients navigate through personal or professional challenges resulting in them exploring viable solutions.  Coaches do not tell their clients what to do. They do however help their coaching clients expose impediments and roadblocks to their success.  Coaches take their clients on a journey of self-exploration and self-discovery.  Coaches help their clients build their self-awareness and develop in areas of weakness.  Coaches help their clients explore solutions and find answers to their own challenges.  Coaches can serve as sounding boards for their clients. 

Do you need a coach?

Yes, if you are seeking transformation personally or professionally, seek awareness on what your roadblocks are and desire a transformational outcome.


Consultants are SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) in their respective areas of expertise.  Consultants have extensive experience in their core competencies. Typically, consultants are retained by organizations to address specific business and organizational challenges within the organization or teams. Consultants analyze and diagnose problems and provide options to solutions. 

Consultants are retained on a project basis where deliverables are defined within a scope of work for a specified period of time period. Consultants are collaborative with the organization's project team.

Do you need a consultant?

Yes, if you have specific challenges that you need to address and need a transformational outcome.  


Mentors have been there and done that.  They can provide advice from their personal and professional experience.  


Advisors provide advice based on personal and professional experiences. They serve as a sounding board for their clients. They do not do the work of a consultant but may advise you like a consultant.   

Here are some questions you can ask yourself or discuss with your team to determine the best solution for current reality and where you desire to be.

  • Do we have specific challenges within our business or organizational team that we need to address? 

  • Do we have staff that we want to empower and develop?

  • Do you need to make some important business decisions that will impact your employees? Your bottom line? Your customers?

  • Do you need to make some adjustments to resources and not sure where?

  • Do you need a business strategy to pivot into this new COVID reality?

e2s Strategies can help your organization address specific business challenges, develop your executive leadership team, coach recently promoted leader and an emerging leadership team. We are professionally trained, credentialed coaches, consultants, mentors, and advisors with years of experience working with mid-sized organizations in the public and private sector, small businesses, executive leadership teams, and business units.  

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