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About Our Company
--- e2s Strategies

e2s stands for Equipped To Succeed – and that is our mission. To equip leaders to lead in an ever-changing business landscape.


All of the e2s team is committed to operating with the highest level of integrity, competence, and professionalism. The effects of what we deliver are quantifiable and transformative, and the projects we take on are approached solely with the best interest of our clients in mind.

Core Values

We value what organizations need in a collaborative partner: Competence, Results, Creativity, Client Focus, and Stewardship

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Why Us?

Creating Transformation That Lasts

e2s stands for Equipped To Succeed – and that is our mission. We want to give you the strategy, tools, and resources to ensure success. Our founder and team share years of experience in working with c-level executives, directors, and managers to build better leadership behaviors and cultivate positive organizational cultures.

Human Capital Management has evolved far beyond the recruitment and retention of talent and the development of Human Resources policies and procedures.


We collaborate with Human Resources Executives, L&D Executives and Stakeholders in customizing development strategies. Whether the focus is on individual development, team development or an integrated approach, you can expect behavioral transformation that’s demonstrated through your leaders and teams.

Our Results Include:
  • positive interactions among leaders and teams

  • team synergy

  • improved performance

  • staff retention

  • organic improvements to company culture

This can only be achieved with intentionality and by adopting new approaches to leadership and team development, human performance, and people strategy. 

The uncertainty of the business landscape along with the constant evolution of technology is forcing organizations to rely on their leaders to navigate peaks and valleys more than ever. Organizations must cultivate and maintain an engaged workforce of thinkers, change agents, action takers, and innovators, starting at the executive level.

--- Empowering
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Creating transformation that lasts is a result of being intentional. This intentionality is the willingness to adopt new mindsets, behaviors, and modes of operating.

e2s Strategies focuses on organizational effectiveness by developing emotionally intelligent leaders, creating cohesive high-performing teams and thriving cultures, managing change, and customizing innovative business strategies.

--- Core Values
We value what organizations need in a collaborative partner
Client Focus