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e2s Strategies was founded by our Chief Transformation Officer, Rukiya Robinson. Rukiya started her career in Human Resources. There she quickly learned that the root of the problems she was retained to resolve (toxic work environments, ambiguous work culture, disengaged employees, and high turnover) corresponded with ill-equipped and poorly prepared leaders. This is where Rukiya’s passion for top-down organizational transformation was born, and where she started to work with high-profile and high-capacity individuals. 


As the Chief Transformation Officer, Rukiya works with C-Suite Executives, Learning and Development professionals, HR Executives, Small Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs in customizing interventions and programs for their organizations.


Rukiya is an expert-level Organizational Strategist, Leadership & Business Consultant. She is a professionally trained Executive Coach & Certified Emotional Intelligence Expert. This gives her the depth and breadth of experience to source the root of organizational and leadership challenges and create the appropriate strategic interventions. 


Rukiya has often been called the “REAL DEAL” coach and consultant. Through years of business and entrepreneurial experience, she has created a powerful “toolbox” used to create transformational experiences with her clients. She is adept at recognizing blind spots that impact organizations that leaders may not see.


This is due to almost 15 years of experience as a businesswoman and entrepreneur, the willingness to constantly learn and evolve, and working with organizations in the public and private sector, business leaders, and small businesses. This affords her keen insight when creating business strategies, interventions, and high-performing individuals that are emotionally resonant, present, accountable, and have the power tools to create results. 

Read more about Rukiya's Coaching experience HERE. 

Rukiya is a published writer, researcher, and well-regarded speaker. In addition to being our Chief Transformation Officer, Rukiya also writes all of our company insights and contributes to major publications nationwide.

Rukiya also serves as an adjunct professor at Concordia University, Irvine teaching emerging leaders at the undergraduate and graduate level Organization Psychology, Organizational Leadership, Character Development, and Leadership Theory.

Rukiya received her Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Concordia University, Irvine, is certified to administer the EQi 2.0 Suite of Emotional Intelligence assessments, and is a Certified Executive Coach through The Townsend Institute for Leadership & Counseling at Concordia University, Irvine accredited by the International Coaching Federation. (ICF).

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“The efficacy of leadership has evolved to encompass emotional intelligence. If you are able to successfully integrate your technical strengths, business skills with emotional, social and relational competencies you will be a powerful, present and persuasive leader.”  ~ Rukiya Robinson 

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--- What folks are saying 

"Rukiya is an amazing coach and consultant. She knows Human Resources and Human Capital Management. She knows how to get results and is problem-solving focused. She has a way of empathizing with others and understanding their talents and skills and then pushing them towards excellence by coaching them to their highest levels of performance. Rukiya has been a great resource for wisdom and often a great person to bounce ideas off of to help with developing business strategies. Wherever she goes, whoever she works with, Rukiya brings an attitude of positivity and insightfulness that is so needed in today's workforce. Thank you Rukiya for all of your help and assistance in the past!

D. Graves, HR Solutions Consultant
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