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Rukiya is an expert-level Organizational, Leadership & Business Consultant. She is an Executive Coach & Certified Emotional Intelligence Expert. This gives her the depth and breadth of experience to source the root of  organizational and leadership challenges and create the appropriate strategic interventions. 


Rukiya is the founder of e2s Strategies a Human Capital Management & Organizational Consulting firm. “e2s” means Equipped to Succeed.


As a Chief Transformation Consultant, Rukiya works with C-Suite Leaders and HR Executives in customizing interventions and programs for their organizations. We are experts in transformation and create optimal individual performance & organizational effectiveness through Leaders & Teams.


Organizations retain e2s Strategies to address specific organizational, leadership, and team challenges. Challenges include addressing destructive leadership behaviors that create risk in the organization, improving individual and team performance, revitalizing employee engagement, equipping leaders to motivate and empower their teams, and repair and restore trust between leadership and teams. 


Through experience, Rukiya has found that to maximize the efficacy of our programs and the transformations our client's experience, to develop leaders and teams through a blended approach. This could be executive coaching and team coaching, creating custom leadership and team training and development programs, and provide organizational consulting interventions. 


Rukiya and her team adeptly diagnose the root causes of organizational challenges. We bring science, research, and evidence-backed approaches, along with proven methodologies to achieve lasting transformational outcomes. As a result of working with e2s Strategies, transformations organizations experience include:


  • Optimal people performance & organizational effectiveness

  • Improved leader & employee relationships

  • Leadership & team accountability

  • Cohesive teams

  • Healthy organizational cultures

  • Equipped leaders & teams to effectively manage conflict & organizational challenges

  • Emotionally Intelligent Leaders


Rukiya has often been called the “REAL DEAL” coach and consultant. Through years of experience, she has created a powerful “toolbox” used to create transformational experiences with her clients. She is adept at recognizing blind spots that impact organizations leaders may not see. 


This is due to over a decade of experience as a businesswoman, entrepreneur, working with organizations, business leaders, and small businesses. This affords her keen insight when creating high-performing individuals that are emotionally resonant, present, accountable, and have the power tools to create results. 


Rukiya’s Professional Creds:

MA in Organizational Leadership

Certified EQi 2.0 Administrator 

Certified Executive Coach 


e2s Strategies is a certified MWBE. 


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Rukiya's work, insights, and expertise can be found throughout this website and have been featured in:

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