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Hit your Targets by Maximizing Human Performance

Emotional Intelligence Assessments are powerful consultative and coaching tools we utilize for your leaders, leadership team, identifying high-potential employees for succession, or for team development - to list a few. 


These tools measure Emotional Intelligence competencies. They can reveal an individuals strengths and also uncover development opportunities. 


The emotional intelligence assessments we administer are multi-functional and are ideal for use in individual and group coaching, customizing organization and leadership training and development programs, evaluating the functioning and well-being of employees, talent selection, performance evaluations, and succession planning.


They can be used to customize a personal and professional development executive coaching program, can be used in a 360-peer review assessment, for group coaching and team development, and used for succession planning, to list a few. 


Organization effectiveness must be intentional.

Maximizing human potential must be intentional.  

Creating positive organizational and team outcomes must be intentional. 

Therefore, leadership and team development must be intentional. 


Developing resonant, emotionally intelligent leaders result in:


  • Improved Decision-Making

  • Strengthening the ability to understand and manage conflict and stress

  • Empowering leaders to navigate and manage change

  • Knowing how to effectively influence and motivate employees

  • Improved communication with peers and teams

  • Ability to cultivate trust and build positive relationships 

  • Contribute to a positive culture and workplace

  • Cohesive teams

  • Increased team and employee engagement

  • Minimizing risk by having strategies to handle organizational and people challenges


The EQi 2.0 suite of tools is the premier emotional intelligence assessment scientifically validated for measuring and managing talent. 

We customize change interventions and lasting transformations utilizing some of the following tools:

  • Leadership Assessments

  • Team Assessments

  • EQ 360 2.0 Assessments

  • EQi 2.0 Assessments

  • Organization Culture Analysis

  • Employee Engagement Surveys


Learn more about how a Certified EQi 2.0 Administrator, Organization Consultant, and Executive Coach can customize a program for your leaders and teams!

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