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Executive and Leadership Team Training
A few statistics validating why developing your leaders should be intentional:
More than 77% of organizations report that leadership skills are lacking
47% of Direct Reports "Think about quitting" 
--- Transforming Executives, Senior Management and Leaders 
Into Equipped Leaders

e2s Strategies leadership training and development services are for C-level Executives, Leaders, VP's, Directors, Managers, and Business Owners. Our learning and development programs, training workshops and seminars are designed to develop leadership skills, transform mindsets and behaviors into positive interpersonal relations from the top-down. We believe that for an organization to thrive and serve their customers in excellence, you must have a unified workforce.


Organizations in any industry need to rely on their leaders – not just for effective day-to-day operations, but to ensure long-term success and growth. It is not enough to simply hold the position of executive, director, or manager – being an effective leader is being intentional about creating outcomes that are good for the stakeholders, employees and customers they serve.

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Kickoff your customized Leadership Development Program with our Signature Leadership Training: The 3 P’s Of Leadership


Set the foundation of a powerful leadership development training program with our Signature Training: ‘The 3 P’s of Leadership: Power, Presence, and Persuasion’ with a focus on Emotional Intelligence.


This engaging, powerful, transformational workshop teaches how executives and leaders can incorporate the 3Ps into their leadership style.

  • Power as a leader comes from the strength of your emotional competencies also known as Emotional Intelligence.

  • Presence as a leader is how you are showing up, your influence and impact.

  • Persuasion as a leader is your ability to master your Power as a leader, as well as your Presence as a leader, you will have the ability to Persuade the outcomes that impact your organization and teams.


Equipped Leaders Create Better Cultures

Organizations need leaders who can seamlessly blend technical and operational skills with emotional intelligence and people skills. This creates a business culture of sustainability, innovation, inclusion, engagement, and an all-around positive human experience, improving all aspects of your business – including the bottom line.


Rukiya, you did awesome! Our team likes you a lot and grew from your trainings! Thank you very much for investing your time in making this culture shift here at Bowen! You have challenged me to grow and I know the same thing goes for others that listened to you!

Joel, Managing Director

Thank you Rukiya! Loved this! I will be implementing the 3P’s!

Alex, Director
--- Developing
Skills that Matter

Our executive and leadership development services are delivered by developing a customized transformational learning and development program for your executives and leadership teams. Transformation and impact can be delivered in person, virtually or a combination of both.

Our executive and leadership transformation solutions align to the DNA of your organization. As a result of working with us, you will observe a change in behaviors, and interactions among executives, their direct reports and employees. These are transformational behavioral changes and interactions are seen, experienced, and felt throughout the organization.

  • Executive and Leadership Development programs

  • Executive and Leadership Focus Group Sessions

  • Executive and Leadership Training Workshops

  • Off-site meetings

  • Executive and Leadership Retreats


As a result of working with e2s Strategies, you can expect tangible outcomes that result in positive interactions, team synergy, improved performance, staff retention, motivated and engaged employees, and organizational excellence.


Get in touch today to discuss creating your custom executive and leadership development program.

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