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Organization Consulting
Only 28% of executives understand their company’s culture.
63% of employees are not engaged.
--- Developing A Culture That
Fosters Positive Interactions and Engagement

Organizational consulting is all about making sure that every person in your business, every activity, and every innovation is aligned with your corporate vision, mission, values and strategic priorities. 

Assessing Your Current Organizational Reality

If your people are put in position to thrive, your organization will thrive, and your customers will evangelize about the products/services they receive. Transformation begins with an honest assessment of the current state of affairs. A comprehensive analysis provides us data that gives us a clear picture of how your business is currently functioning, how different stakeholders interact with others in the organization, and internal employees and external stakeholders perceive the company culture.


We use this information to design a customized strategic plan, unique to your organization which can incorporate key areas like executive performance management, culture development, employee engagement, and change management.


Empower Your Human Capital

It is these initiatives that will position your company for success – empowering your personnel to identify and seize opportunities, self-develop, and self-manage. Engaged employees lead to higher productivity.

According to a Gallop report, "not engaged" means workers are psychologically unattached to their work and company. Likewise, “The engagement of managers is critical because they set the tone for the engagement of the people who report to them -- managers affect 70% of the variance in team engagement.”


Research validates how equipped leaders and managers impact teams and employees throughout the organization.


Other Transformational Services:

Additional areas we help organizations transform, build awareness and thrive.

  • Employee Engagement Strategies

  • Employee Focus Groups

  • Change Leadership/Change Management

  • Culture Analysis

  • Culture Development and Design

  • Executive Performance Management

  • Executive EQ Assessments

  • EQ 360 Degree Assessments

  • High-performance Executive and Leadership Teams

  • Company Vision, Mission, Purpose & Values development

  • Executive and Leadership Team Building

  • Executive Coaching (for C-Level Executives)

  • Leadership Coaching (for Directors and Managers)

  • Executive Team Coaching

  • Leadership Team Coaching

  • Employee Engagement Survey’s and Data Interpretation

  • Director and Management Training and Development

  • High-potential leader coaching and development

  • Succession Planning

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