Human Capital Management

A component of an organizations most valuable asset is their human capital.  Human capital must be aligned with the organizations corporate strategy and operations strategy for the highest probability of attaining and accomplishing strategic initiatives. 


Human capital is also a precious resource that is an integral part of the organizations: divisional, geographical, or business unit’s strategic success.  


Our team assesses and strategically aligns human capital resources with the strategic direction of the organization to ensure strategic initiatives are met.

  • Workforce and Labor Analysis

  • Succession Planning

  • Workforce Optimization

  • Project Sourcing and Staffing

  • Employee Surveys​

  • Organizational Effectiveness

  • Performance Management

  • Executive Search Services


Successful companies treat their data and analytics as a corporate asset and leverage it for a competitive advantage.  Successful analytics depends on the data quality, skilled analysts who understand the technologies, the business and an organizational commitment to data-driven decision making.  Analytics can be used in many different ways including but not limited to: ​


  • Gleaning insights through finding new patterns/relationships (data mining)

  • Finding out the why behind unexpected results (statistical and quantitative analysis)

  • Testing hypothesis and experimenting to test previous decisions (multivariate or A/B testing)

  • Forecasting future implications (predictive modeling/analytics)

Human Resources, Benefits & Comp Consulting

  • Benefits Consulting

  • Benefits Administration

  • Benefits Analysis

  • Plan Design

  • Cost Containment

  • Health and Wellness Programs

  • Claims audit and analysis 

  • HR Strategy

  • HR Projects

  • HR Policy and Compliance

  • Employee Communications

  • Project based: Annual Open Enrollment, HR Operations Reviews

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