We Create Optimal Human Performance and Organizational Effectiveness through your Leaders and Teams.


e2s Strategies is a Human Capital Management and Organizational Consulting firm that understands the power of alignment of leadership, its people and its strategy to exceptional outcomes.


Organizations partner with us to address leadership and people issues,  & minimize organizations exposure to risk by:

Developing resonant, emotionally intelligent LEADERS.

Creating cohesive, high-performing TEAMS.

Developing innovative people STRATEGIES

Creating transformation that lasts

We leave your leaders and teams, Equipped to Succeed "e2s".


We help you maximize performance and minimize risk with precision. 


"The business landscape is consistently evolving. Recognizing the need to adapt to change is key to maintaining viability. This means organizations need leaders with a blend of technical strengths, emotional intelligence and people skills. This creates a culture and structure that fosters sustainability, innovation, engagement, and a positive human experience. Investing in what matters most [Human Capital] has the greatest returns."   

- Rukiya Robinson

Human Capital Management has evolved far beyond the recruitment and retention of talent and the development of Human Resources policies and procedures. 


Human Capital Management encompasses developing leaders, empowering teams, and cultivating loyalty and trust.  This is done with intentionality and new approaches to Leadership and Team Development, Human Performance and People Strategy.  

The uncertainty of the business landscape along with the constant evolution of digitization is forcing organizations to rely on their leaders to navigate through uncertainty. Organizations must cultivate and maintain a engaged workforce of thinkers, change agents, action takers and innovators.

Creating transformation that lasts is a result of being intentional. This intentionality is the willingness to adopt new mindsets, behaviors and mode of operating. 

e2s Strategies focuses on organizational effectiveness by developing and empowering emotionally intelligent leaders, creating cohesive high-performing teams, thriving cultures, managing change, and customizing innovative business strategies. 





Finding the best solution for your organization.

It is easy to blur the roles of a Coach and Consultant. The role of an Executive Coach and Consultant performs different activities and each role draws from specialized training and expertise while focusing on specific outcomes.


You must understand your current reality and decide where you, your leadership team, direct reports, and the organization desires to be so that the greatest transformation can be experienced. 


There are distinct differences between coaching and consulting. We hope you find that the following paragraphs provide clarity on these distinctions and help you to determine the best fit for your organization. 


e2s Strategies is a multi-disciplined Human Capital Management and Organizational Consulting firm providing innovative solutions to complex leadership and business challenges, outdated business models, and operational methodologies.


We have collaborated with many organizations providing strategic and industry insights for many years.  We identify and diagnose problematic areas, provide a roadmap to success, and achieve sustainable results.  We are client-focused on each engagement which means that we listen and identify the pain points and customize cost-effective solutions.